K. International Co. is one of the trusted company providing good Warehousing Services to our clients that cover of almost all destinations. For bulk manufacturer, exporters, buyers & trader,We offer competent Warehousing solutions including Warehousing Facility, 3PL Warehouse Service and Warehousing Services. Our warehouse has the most recent inventory management and security system, whereas there’s battery of trained employees to appear once the client’s wants.

K. International Co. Shipping Service is among those Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and International Freight Forwarding Services, which is able to provide warehousing facilities for its clients at all major cities and other seaports/ airports. Many of our customers like better to have our warehouse that permits quick access to.

K. International Co. network of warehouses service placed within the close proximity to the International Airports are well laid out, staffed by experience staff & supported by the most recent inventory management, security, and specialised storage systems. They are specially designed for handling an oversized volume of international freight and are open around-the-clock.

K. International Co. – Benefits of Warehousing Service include:

  • Regular Production
  • Time Utility
  • Store of surplus Excellent
  • Private and Public Warehouse
  • Labor Force
  • Warehousing Facilities