K. International Co. Air freight services as well as air cargo services are a main part of international trading Global export / import and international shipping of raw materials/products. Domestic air freight service & International Domestic air freight service & International air freight service are offers by specialized freight forwarders. An air freight service means that coordinating the movement of urgent air freight service and sometimes is sea freight service to and from varied destinations.

K. International Co. Air Cargo Services

We provide expedited freight service to destinations around the world. Our airport-to-airport service is ideally suited for all customers from one shipment or a high volume of business requiring time critical delivery. We can provide service based on your needs and your schedule. We select the most appropriate carrier for your shipments that will give you edge over your competition. At “K. International Co. (KIC)’’ we take personal interest in every shipment we handle. We offer wide range of Air Cargo Services, International Air Freight Services, Domestic Air Freight Services, Export and Import Services, Logistics Services and Project Handling/Management Services.